Friday, August 12, 2005


got a call from HSBC yesterday asking whether I could make it for an interview for a marketing executive position (can't really recall the exact name). of course I said yes lahh... have been waiting for an opportunity like that for ages.... *happiee*

the interview, or should I say "casual chi-chat session" went through quite well I should say. kindda enjoyed talking to William and Loraine. I was surprised that despite knowing my near to zero experience in marketing/sales (remember they have my resume??), they offered me an interview. but I think I did okay on some marketing and sales questions. I was kindda frank with them on my intention of changing job, even as far as changing industry due to the horrendous working environment shit that the current company is throwing at me.

it was such a coincidence that right after your call asking me on the job application, yup, it's you Gerald, HSBC called me up for the interview... hehehehe... so if I get this job, I'll treat you go makan the next time you're back, or when I go over KL.... hahahahaha...

found it kindda funny and weird, as good stuff keep popping up on mee this particular week. first, my car's number came out in special prize on Saturday (I'm RM200 richer!!! ) in sportstoto. then, I was called up twice, one offering me an IT job in KL, the other one offering me an interview at HSBC. I think when you're in luck, you're in luck...hehehehe .

the other job offer was from Emerio Corp, KL. this guy called me up, asking me whether I would be interested to work as a Network Administrator. location is in Damansara, and expected salary is 2.5K, which did not really attracts me, as I'm already earning about the same here in Kuching (including my part time earnings, which I'm not gonna brag about here), so I politely declined the offer.

lets just hope that I'll get the HSBC job. then at least I would no longer see those annoying pricks, as well as work with jackasses that piss me off whenever they start opening their torn-pussy-mouths.

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