Monday, September 22, 2008

all the way from the UK...

Han was going for his brother's graduation in the UK a couple of months back... and being both Manchester United fans, Daniel & I got him to help us each buy the club's jerseys, and we got them at Damai Puri Resort during the Merdeka weekend escapade... :)

The Red Devils...

I don't know how long will the AIG logo stay on the Manchester United jerseys as the group is in deep financial crap lately and the most recently, I read about Sir Alex Ferguson becoming the spokesperson for Hublot, so there might be a chance that the world 'HUBLOT' would replace that of 'AIG'

I got "11" and "GIGGS" printed for an extra £12.

went for the short sleeves home jersey while mine has long sleeves.

so how do we looked in them??

All I could say is that this jersey is the most expensive garment that I've ever bought.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

complimentary coffee from Starbucks...

I received this complimentary Starbucks birthday treat coupon from HSBC last week. I am entitled to one free 12oz freshly brewed coffee.    :)

Daniel and I went over to Mitsu Shabu Shabu again last Saturday. but this time, we didn't go for the shabu shabu. Instead, we ordered soup based stuff, where Dan ordered fish ball soup while mine was beef ball mee-hoon soup. Jo joined us later, and as usual, went for the heavier shabu shabu meal.

Dinner at Rakutei on my birthday.

One of my must order - softshell crabs.

I bought a new pair of Camel Active shoes during the Merdeka sale promotion at LEA Centre as the old pair is starting to fall apart.

And on top of that, I've just spent more than 1K on these two gadgets, and there will be another two more add-ons to come. 

(I will blog about it when the whole package is up and running)

I'm so dead broke now.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

long overdue post on Kuching Festival

I didn't go to the Kuching Festival last year as places with too much crowd and too little parking space are no my cuppa. I went this year though with a bunch of old friends on the second last day of the event after being urged by one of them...

The crowd was overwhelming.

Getting our butts seated took more then 30 minutes of waiting as every table was occupied. We had to scout around, wait for those who seemed to be finishing their food and would be leaving soon.

To add to the agony, I had to wait in front of the stall for the aunties to get my oh-chien cooked for a another freaking 20 minutes.

To be honest, I seriously think that the Kuching Festival, which is held once every year in August is overhyped, and has become a place where all the food stalls are painstakingly uping their price with more and more mediocore food quality served. 


Monday, September 15, 2008

Merdeka Weekend @ Damai Puri Resort & SPA

A gathering at the newly renovated Damai Puri Resort & SPA was organized when Han, together with his girlfriend and band mates from Hong Kong came to Kuching for holiday during the independence day weekend.

I reached Damai Puri at dusk.

It was beautiful.

We brought 2 bottles of wine, 1 bottle of Baileys and a carton of Heineken, but in the end, it turned out that Daniel and I were the ones that drank most of it.

And we did these kindda candid shots after getting our Manchester United jerserys from Han who bought them back for us from the UK. Quie expensive stuff I should say... *singing* - 'keep bleeding... keep, keep bleeding $$$...'

The stay that night cost RM400++ per room and we booked a total of 3 rooms.
Apart from the redesigned swimming pool and the addition of a SPA facility (which we didn't really utilize), the place is somewhat like the old Damai Lagoon Resort - nothing much to shout about, except for our wallets again singing - 'keep bleeding... keep, keep bleeding $$$....'

Overall, it was a pretty enjoying weekend. Being able to sit by the seaside, let the sea breeze caress and blow away the stress was just relaxing...