Wednesday, September 17, 2008

long overdue post on Kuching Festival

I didn't go to the Kuching Festival last year as places with too much crowd and too little parking space are no my cuppa. I went this year though with a bunch of old friends on the second last day of the event after being urged by one of them...

The crowd was overwhelming.

Getting our butts seated took more then 30 minutes of waiting as every table was occupied. We had to scout around, wait for those who seemed to be finishing their food and would be leaving soon.

To add to the agony, I had to wait in front of the stall for the aunties to get my oh-chien cooked for a another freaking 20 minutes.

To be honest, I seriously think that the Kuching Festival, which is held once every year in August is overhyped, and has become a place where all the food stalls are painstakingly uping their price with more and more mediocore food quality served. 



LeeChien said...

i think kch really got no place to go liao, hehehe...

dreckker said...

yalor... sometimes at night oso dunno where else to go hang out except go sleep or yumcha... -____-