Saturday, August 13, 2005

belacan fried clams...

it was raining heavily last night, but got invited to a belacan fried clams eating session by John and Jason... and was threatened that if Shirley and I did not show up, they would throw smelly clams into our houses...

so despite the rain, I drove all the way to pick Shirley up, and headed to the hawker centre. the belacan fried clams arrived after we ordered our drinks, and man... the portion was huge!!! asked how heavy was the clam, and John said he bought 2.5 kilograms of fresh clams... *I almost fainted*

*believe me, the portion was huge!!!*

the meat was dem juicy, and somewhat sweet (fresh wad...), soaked with the spicy-ness of the belacan... and it was simply un-rejectable... one after another we stuffed our tummies with clam meat, and half way through the session, Cornelius arrived. luckily he did, coz the four of us were almost full. in the end, this is how the dish looked like when we were done.

*wallahhh.... mission accomplished*

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