Wednesday, January 16, 2008

makan-ing @ Food Avenue (update)

went to Food Avenue to join Hedo and gang for supper after my badminton session last week. I had a light dinner before going for badminton, so I was very much starving when I reached there. ordered this:

Fish Fillet and Chicken Don. The price: RM11. Expensive huh?? well I totally agree with FH2o: Kuching Kayaking about the price of hawker food there. I'm not saying that the food sucks ok, in fact it was pretty good, but I would probably be paying less elsewhere for the same thing.

went there for supper again after my badminton session yesterday... and ordered this:

Fried Pork and Chicken Don. RM8. I ordered the fried pork just to see how it tasted... and it's just normal... nothing much to shout about.

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