Wednesday, January 02, 2008

tyre changed...

Just got back to work after taking 13 days off from December 20 till January 1. It has been one hell of a long break, which includes the Christmas eve and New Year eve celebrations.... *will blog about those soon*

Back to the topic:
After about 11 months of using the
Michelin MXF Sports, I decided to get them changed as the two front ones are becoming botak, and that the rear right one has been giving out this strange noise due to the tyre surface becoming uneven.

off went the old set of Michelin MXF Sport... I'm so gonna miss those sexy treads...

up fitted the Dunlop Direzza DZ101 (tyre profile: 215/55/16). This set of 4 tyres are second hand ones, but still has about 70% tread left... the previous owner probably trade it in after upgrading his ride's rims and tyres. Cost me about RM400+ for all the tyres, which was pretty cheap because IF I were to get 4 new ones, it would cost me more than RM400 per piece - meaning I would be looking at a bill total of RM1600++ for the whole set. *gulp*

Then I went over to get the car alignment done. The total bill was an additional RM200+, inclusive of changing the chamber screws, rear (dunno what screws) as well as replacing some rubber stuffs to get the alignment at the front back to perfection.

Total damage to wallet: RM600+. However, I am very much satisfied after getting the tyres and the alignment finally fixed, despite some hiccups along the way, which I would blog separately.

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