Thursday, May 17, 2007

movie anticipation - BUG

Rated "one of the most DISTURBING horror movies imaginable", this is one movie that I am not gonna miss coming May 25, 2006. I've always enjoy horror and wicked movies, namely The Exorcist series as well as creature/alien themed movies like those of The Eight Legged Freaks, Alien, FrankenFish and Python Vs Boa, so this bug movie is definitely on my movie list this month.

Furthermore, according to the poster above, the movie is directed by the very person who directed The Exorcist, so this increases the reputation and the must-watch factor and ratings of this movie.

I have not read about the gist nor seen the trailer of the movie as of the time of this entry, but both the posters are good enough to draw my attention, and convince me to watch it when it is shown on the big screen, and I'm pretty sure that I'd get a few freak-loving buddies to tag along with me for this blockbuster before going for a few beers to chill out afterwards.

More information of this coming movie could be found at the Lionsgate Films' website:

For those who would want to catch a sneak peak of the movie, there is a movie trailer at youtube:

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