Saturday, December 08, 2007

company annual dinner

It's the company's 5th annual dinner, held at the Holiday Inn Ballroom last week, which also means that I've been with the company for 4 years. Quite a long time already considering the fact that I lasted only 1 year in my previous job. It was a great night, as there were good food, plentiful of fun games as well as a hell of a party at Tribes after the dinner.

a gift from all the staffs to the management (our bosses)

a picture of all of us colleagues (photoshopped of course) with the company logo. dunno who suggested this, but it was truly something special and meaningful.

after all the good food, lucky draws and fun events, which I was too lazy to snap pictures of, we proceeded to Tribes for the after dinner party. I didn't stay too long though, but I was sure that everyone had a blast. the whole thing was definitely better than those of previous years.

as for me, I was somewhat lucky being the winner of a 1GD pen-drive during the lucky draw... just what I needed actually as my current pen-drive is only running at a lame 128MB. Our table was the luckiest of all as out of 9 people, 5 of us found ourselves receiving early Christmas gifts on the stage during the lucky draw. The prizes were 1 year newspaper subscription, 2 pen-drives (1GB), 1 portable hardisk (80GB) and a Sony MP3 player.

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