Friday, November 17, 2006

Cigarette review - Time

this is a long overdue post, but what the hell...

a close friend of mine went holiday to Korea early this year, so I asked her for a favour to buy me Korean cigarettes. she said okay... me happy...

what I had in mind was at least a carton of one local Korean ciggie, or a few packs of different Korean ciggie brands...

turned out she was pondering to buy a carton or just a pack while she was in Korea, and in the end, she only bought me ONE pack... sien... (she's a non-smoker... so can't blame her... it was my mistake in the first place for not telling her exactly what I wanted...)

*I still keep the box, and the picture is taken today*

the brand is Time, with some unknown Korean words on it. The price was around RM12 (after conversion), and the pack feels more solid compared with out local ones.

finished it some time ago, but could still remember how it tasted. It was smooth, but very mild... even milder than our typical Dunhill Lights. can't complain too much though... coz it was a gift from her all the way from Korea... :)

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