Monday, November 19, 2007

it was my lucky day...

When your car rims and tires looked like this:

you know that the car seriously needs a car wash. The problem however was that it has been raining almost every evening here in Kuching, so it serves no purpose to get the car spanking clean for just a day or two, and then got ruined by the constant rains.

Then last week on a Thursday when I was driving Alex home, he spotted my car number on the "lucky number" board on one of the car wash centers, which means any cars with their numbers shown on the board would be given a free car wash + vacuum. It was my lucky day, and in we went for the FOC car wash.

After the wash, the rims and tires looked like this... much better huh?? However, it lasted only for a day because as I was out doing errands on Friday, it rained like no tomorrow in the afternoon and it's back to the dirty old look...

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