Monday, October 08, 2007

good news & bad news...

went for my scheduled appointment with the doctor on my SLE condition last Saturday after drawing my blood at the lab the day before...

during the consultation, I was told that everything is improving... meaning the red & white blood cell level as well as the platelet level is increasing. However, it is still somewhat below the normal level, so I still have to continue the medication... (+/-3 months... remember??)

went out to get my medicine... and the total sum came out to be RM252! sommore it's only 2 weeks worth of medication... and after the 2 weeks, still have to go test my blood again at the lab and then I presume take about the same medicine again... JIALAT lah this time... hopefully this follow-up medication which totals up to RM303 (including the lab test) is also covered under the company's insurance policy... else I'm gonna be so so broke for the next 3 months... :(

OMG!!! so expensive can??!!

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