Wednesday, April 11, 2007

new shoes...

I got back into playing badminton recently. However, last week's session didn't go too well as the sole of my shoes were too thin, causing my feet to become painful afterwards. Decided to get myself a new pair of shoes, so went over to the usual shop and made the purchase during lunch time.

brand - Fleet

The taukeh recommended this pair, as it has thicker sole, and it absorbs impact better, thus being more gentle to the ankle and knee. I'm a sucker to these kindda stuff... so ended up RM90 poorer... :(


lanatir said...

congrats... if u like protection for your legs, do try the power cushions from yonex. add a bit more can buy the lower end yonex power cushion models from pertama complex already

Fashion said...

wow!...shiny shoes...i have couple of nike shoes but i dont have this model attractive