Friday, March 02, 2007

classmates' wedding

I was invited to attend my secondary school classmates' dinner last night. we were all classmates since Form 4, and they started dating during university time.

it was a great night, as a lot of classmates are present, and it's both a wedding dinner as well as somewhat a high school gathering. we classmates occupied about 3 tables, and it was like back to old times... just that we are now all working, and some are attached, and gonna tie the knots soon... there goes another few more Ang Pows...

I only remembered to take this photo after the dinner ceremony when we were waiting to take group photos --> thanks to all the good food and laughters... However, will upload more pictures of the wedding when I get my hands on photos taken by the rest. :)

Lastly, Congratulations to Ngee Shin and Eileen! May the two of you enjoy each others' company, and be happy all the time.

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