Monday, August 09, 2010

changing address made simpler

Address is not just the exact place of where we live, work, or do business, but it is how people look for us. As we grow older and move out from our parents' place, going into college, university and later on joining the workforce or opening up businesses, we are most likely to change our addresses along the way.

Then, problems would occur when government agencies, potential employees, universities, banks, tax office and other parties try to locate us, but fail because we have just moved to another location, maybe a bigger apartment, or change of work place, and due to being too busy or absent-minded, we did not update our addresses with all of them.

The change of address actually can be done with ease via Change of Plus, the service provided is free from all pop-up ads and continuous marketing. All users need to do is to complete a Form 3575-USPS Change of Address Form. The site offers free change of address service for people that are moving into a new home or workplace anywhere in the U.S. only, including those agencies that require notification of an address change such as the IRS, Social Security Administration and the State Department of Motor Vehicles are also provided. A checklist for change of address will also be provided to ensure we do not forget to notify everyone.

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