Tuesday, February 27, 2007

PayPerPost's new reward program

After several attempts, my blog was finally approved by PayPerPost recently, so this would be my very first sponsored entry.

PayPerPost has just announced its new Review My Post program. Apart from getting paid for writing sponsored posts, bloggers could also earn extra bucks by getting their readers to sign-up for PayPerPost and then review the posts blogged. Not only we bloggers could get more income, this program would help increase blog traffic as well.

Bloggers can now simply add this badge -

at the end of any of their posts and easily earn money and build traffic with no additional effort.

Everyone could use that extra bucks to buy that special something, or extra item after deducting a large portion of our pay for the bills, expenses and other commitments. Like me, I wouldn't mind receiving a couple of hundreds extra just to upgrade my car, or get that new gadget that I've always wanted. Thus, considering the fact that I spend quite a lot of time in the office using the Internet and that I blog frequently, why not make some money from the effort put in, and with PayPerPost providing monetary reward on sponsored posts as well as paying bloggers for referrals and this Review My Post program, I'll be seeing myself earning some money doing the things that I love to do - BLOG.

So people... why wait?? Sign-up PayPerPost now, and start earning some money while blogging!

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